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Tash has been investigating the paranormal for many years now and has been an integral part of the Ghosthunting Cornwall team, behind the scene and at public events for some time.

Tash treats the paranormal with a balanced view of scientific and spiritual and always remains calm in any situation, trying to give a  
balanced viewpoint but does seem to have an uncanny ability to pick up correct information. In her professional life Tash has worked in education and so naturally is able to help, assist, be calm, patient and impart her knowledge in an instructive and informative way.

In her private life Tash enjoys watching films and reading, spending time with family and friends and doing her own version of "crazy-cat lady".

Qualifications and Experience.

  • Bsc (Hons) First Class in Education
  • Psychic training and development with Luna Orbis and Louise Avery
  • Paranormal Research Training with Ian Addicoat and Ghosthunting Cornwall
  • INTERESTS INCLUDE: The Paranormal, Tv and films, reading, socialising..