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Ramsey Pup & Jazzy B

RAMSEY - Canine Investigator

Ramsey the Cocker Spaniel is very in tune with his  environment and seems to pick up on a great  deal of activity. On one occasion during an investigation at Bodmin Jail for he suddenly began barking and growling at a locked door. Suddenly the whole team heard a loud knocking on the other side of the door. On further investigation we unlocked the door to find it empty and were then told that this has always been a very active room with the spirit of a malevolent prison officer.

In his freetime he loves walks, sneaking out to investigate his surroundings and hanging around with his 5 feline buddies. Though if honest they do tend to boss him around somewhat!

Ramsey's appearances on ghost nights are very select.

JAZZY B - Canine Investigator

After being introduced to team member Ramsey at an investigation at Bodmin Jail in 2011, Jazzy B and him became firm friends. Their mutual interest in the paranormal resulted in Jazzy B being invited onto the team as the second canine investigator in March 2012.

In her freetime, she loves walks and sleeping and she lives with her human colleagues Clare & Larry.

Jazzy's appearances on ghost nights are very select.