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Pengersick Castle 

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Pengersick Lane, Praa Sands, 

Cornwall, TR20 9SJ


Evening £29.00





We can also organise a private group night for 13+ people.


ARRIVALS  21.00-21.15

Park as directed below and then walk back up to the outside gate. If you arrive early, please wait outside the gate until 21.00 AND WAIT TO BE DIRECTED. Please be quiet as this is a
residential area, thank you!

THE EVENING BEGINS - 21.15 (approx) 
Welcome and introductions, followed by a talk and tour about Pengersick and its history. Followed by a tutorial on ghost hunting techniques and methods and / or some free time to acclimatise to the rooms of the castle.

THE GHOST HUNT - 11pm (approx)
You will be placed into smaller groups where you can investigate all the haunted areas. This can either be independently or with assistance from our team, depending on your preference.


(please leave safely and quietly)

REFRESHMENTS: Tea and coffee will be available throughout the evening at £1.00 per cup



See map below

No parking is available at the castle, except for anyone with disabilities, arranged in advance. If you require this, please e-mail a.s.a.p. and do not arrive before 8pm as the access is closed until then.

For everyone else, please park in either R&J Supplies car park (a short distance after the castle) or at the Beach Car Park and walk up.


This is one place that almost needs no introduction: 

It is a beautiful and magical place, yet you sense an indefinable atmosphere, as though some long ago tragedy is about to be re-enacted before you and that may well be the case.  The Pengersicks were amongst the most notorious families in the county and their exploits have given rise to the numerous legends associated with the name.

Believed to have been originally built in about 1500 using stone work from the previous Pengersick Manor; Pengersick Castle has a great deal of fascinating history, including death, violence, tragedy, smuggling, robbery, murder, intrigue and black magic. 

A tudor building, with turreted roof, Gun room, Spiral Staircase, atmospheric beamed rooms and even a drop-slot for pouring boiling oil onto approaching attackers, the castle is a unique and awe-inspiring proposition straight out of history.


Reading below may influence your experiences, so we advise reading after a visit and not before!


Notorious and widely acknowledged as the MOST HAUNTED LOCATION IN THE UK, Pengersick has been a mecca for ghost hunters for many decades. 

It has regularly been featured on TV programmes and in other media, books, and publications.

It has also been the focus for ongoing research by The Paranormal Research Organisation, British Ghost Club Society and others. So many strange things have happened at Pengersick Castle and  it is claimed that there are over 20 separately reported ghosts and all kinds of accounts of sightings, sounds, EVPS, photographic anomalies and frightening experiences.

Some of the more famous stories include:

  • John Milliton who built the Tudor tower and was believed by many to be the infamous Dark Lord of Pengersick, who dabbled in the black arts, allegedly conjuring a demon in the top room. He has been known to make an appearance in a number of rooms but is notoriously uncommunicative and brusque. Legend also has it that he became a recluse after committing a number of crimes, including killing a man and attempting to kill his wife by poisoning her wine.
  • Henry (Le Fort) Pengersick  was excommunicated for wounding a priest, David de Lyspein, Vicar of Breage, and attacking Brother Thomas of Hayles Abbey (in Gloucestershire) one version saying he killed him. He was later absolved because he paid due damages. He is perceived to be a woman hater and obnoxious, if not, psychopathic spirit.
  • A monk or monks, possibly Brother Thomas, though monks may have tended the Pengersick lands in the past and latin chants have been heard.
  • Richard de Pengersick (thought to have been murdered).
  • William Milliton married Honor Godolphin in 1535 – a grand and important marriage. They settled at Pengersick and raised a large family of daughters and one son who died in 1571.
  • A tentative claim that sailors from the wreck of the St Anthony haunt the gardens looking for their lost treasure, stolen by the Pengersicks.
  • The infamous demon dog, though very unlikely.
  • Several female former residents, including the woman in white believed to be Engrina Pengersick (nee Godolphin).
  • The ghost of a young boy has been known to go around pulling on women’s dresses, or attempting to hold their hands.
  •  A thirteen year old girl in a long dress who fell to her death from the roof and many more.
  • Other regular phenomena include, footsteps heard, doors slamming, keys rattling, people shouting and whispering, alarms going off, objects being moved or thrown, strange smells, feelings and it always proves to be an active location, with incredibly successful results



TR20 9SJ