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Night of Fright

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A whole new experience: NIGHT of FRIGHT

Join us if you dare on the night where the veil between this World and the next is gossamer thin. Be prepared for a night you will never experience anywhere else.

Be guided and deluded by candlelight as you enter the depths of a haunted castle.

Entering in groups, you will be guided through dimly lit rooms where scares and unsettling experiences might be encountered anywhere and at any time. 

Listen for things behind you... And, next to you, below you, above you? Well - who knows! 

You will visit this spooky building's haunted rooms, as the mysteries unfold and your host reveals further stories about the various tormented ghosts. The atmosphere will be sure to chill your spine if not your very soul. 

Ending with a terrifying seance where you may believe you have been transported to the spirit-world, both real and imagined. 

Please note, this is not suitable for children under 14, the squeamish, pregnant, frail or faint of heart. These tours are expected to sell out so we advise you to book early. 

Visit at your peril and at your own risk.

Stay together, try not to scream, try not to look behind you and whatever you don't run 


Pengersick Castle, the UK's Most Haunted Location is your venue, so you may encounter scares both manufactured and real. This is NOT a ghost hunt, this is a NIGHT OF FRIGHT.

Your evening starts with a "welcome" from Death himself and he will lead you to the beginning of your nightmare journey but don't try to speak to him, whatever you do don't speak to death. You will then begin the journey with your host and who knows who else you might meet along the way.

Be prepared to be scared! 

The event will last approximately 90 mins.. 

There may be some audience participation.

TICKETS £15.00