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Matt W

Matt has a very keen interest in the  Paranormal and is always looking to further his understanding of the subject and will gladly assist anyone, in any areas he can. He has learnt a great deal through personal experience and through other members of the team. 

Matt is a very calm, level-headed and approachable member of the team and is always willing to help when needed.

When not ghost hunting, Matt loves to spend time with his friends, socialise and have fun and has recently finished serving in the Army, where he has seen plenty of the World, something which also means he is very calm and assured in  any given situation.

After all, once you've been to Afghanistan, what fear can a ghost possibly have in store?


  • Ary recognised first aider.
  • Psychic training and development with Luna Orbis and Louise Avery
  • Paranormal Research Training with Ian Addicoat and Ghosthunting Cornwall
  • INTERESTS INCLUDE: The Paranormal, football, reading, comedy programmes.