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Bodmin Jail

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Berrycoombe Road, Bodmin, Cornwall, 

PL31 2NR








ARRIVALS – 22.00-22.15  
Please walk down the slope (to left of main entrance / bar, opposite the car park) and walk down to where it says "Cycle Shed": where you will be directed.
If you arrive before 10.00pm please wait in the car park or head into the main bar for a drink (non-alcoholic please) but at 22.00 please follow instructions as above.

Welcome and introductions, followed by a talk and tour about the jail and its history. Followed by a tutorial on ghost hunting techniques and methods and / or some free time to acclimatise to the jail areas.

THE GHOST HUNT - Midnight (approx)
You will be placed into smaller groups where you can investigate all the haunted areas. This can either be independently or with assistance from our team, depending on your preference. 

(please leave safely and quietly)

REFRESHMENTS: Tea and coffee will be available throughout the evening at no extra charge.

The jail has a restaurant and bar, so meals and drinks (non-alcoholic please) can be purchased before the event. However it closes soon after our event begins.

Accommodation not available at this location. 

See map below

There is plenty of room in the venue car parks.


An absolutely notorious location, the original jail was built in 1779 and was a place of hardship, imprisonment, death, illness and misery, not to mention a site of many executions. 

Today one can visit the cold dank cells, look up at the thin light filtering through a small barred window and imagine being sentenced to even a week in such desolation.

It is a very large site, with numerous cells and levels, with plenty to explore. 

The jail presents a foreboding aspect and certainly retains its spooky ambience. Even if it wasn't claimed to be one of the Most Haunted locations around it would be enough to scare most people who visit, even in the daytime! So once darkness descends, anyone but the bravest will feel the chills down the spine!


Reading below may influence your experiences, so we advise reading after a visit and not before!



Bodmin Gaol has attracted many paranormal researchers and television companies looking for their share of ghostly encounters and is almost certainly one of the most haunted locations around.  Visitors on ghost hunts and even in the daytime have regularly reported all sorts of strange activity. While there are claims that there are dozens of lost souls wandering the cells and corridors of the jail, some of the more famous hauntings include:

  • The ghost of Selina Wadge, arrested for the murder of her son, is said to haunt the upper levels of the jail. She is described as wearing a long dress and crying, often reaching out to people.
  • James and William Lightfoot were arrested, convicted and publicly hanged at Bodmin jail for the robbery and murder of Neville Norway. Their troubled sprits are said to be prominent and dark-natured.
  • Anne Jefferies, was accused of being a witch. She denied this, and as punishment was left to starve to death and is another ghost said to haunt the jail.
  • Matthew Weeks was executed at the jail in 1844 for the alleged murder of Charlotte Dymond and is said to ramble aimlessly throughout the corridors, having been hanged outside the walls. Many believe he was innocent and so having been falsely executed for a crime, his soul is unable to find peace. 
  • George, the warden ghost of Bodmin jail, is said to regularly make himself known, manifesting himself in cells and on the stairs. He suddenly died from a heart attack whilst on duty at the prison and he now oversees what he considers to be his jail.
  • The spirit of a homosexual Naval Officer who used to abuse the inmates is said to be present in one cell. This angry spirit apparently pushes women away and tries to drag men back into a cell with him.
  • Strange sounds have often been heard including: tapping, keys rattling, a fog horn, voices, whistling, footsteps, banging, breathing, laughter, humming, shuffling and much of this has been captured on EVP recordings.
  • People also regularly experience feelings of nausea, headaches, dizziness, feeling faint, shortness of breath, their energy drained, mentally exhausted, feeling pain, dread and misery, wanting to cry, being claustrophobic, being watched, strange atmospheres, sudden temperature changes, feelings of being touched or manhandled, clothes being tugged, feelings of being followed and there are lots of visitors who have to leave.
  • Other peculiar phenomena includes poltergeist activity such as stones being thrown or coins apporting out of nowhere.
  • Photographs of light anomalies, misty figures and black shadows are common and there is an abundance of electrical faults and battery drainage with equipment.
  • This is where Derek Acorah was embroiled in the "Kreed Kafer" incident during filming for Most Haunted. He was accused of making up spirit contact with a fictionally created character. 

However, there is said to be an amazing amount of other reported genuine paranormal activity, which should come as no surprise at a location with such a history. On our own nights we have had fullon apparitions, EVPs, noises, smells, poltergeist activity and a whole range of occurrences.


PL31 2NR