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There are dozens of ghosthunting companies, all claiming to be "The Best", 

so why choose us? We were described by The Independent Newspaper as:

Britain's most dedicated 'ghost-busting' outfit

but let's just let one of our customers sum it up... "All in all a brilliant evening. I have been on a previous investigation and this was so professional compared to that one. My friends and I really enjoyed ourselves and we will definitely be back!"

  • We strive for quality and to put you the customer first, with a dedicated team all focused on making your event special.
  • The overwhelming majority of our customers come back for more and do other events with us, indeed over the years we've made so many great friends.
  • We have been doing this since 1999, so unlike so many newbies we know exactly what we're doing by now.
  • Our professionalism has meant we have worked in television, radio and other media and also been permitted into some very high profile locations, including Devonport Naval Base.

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